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2019 Marin Teen Girls Conference Keynote Speakers

Vicky Tsai

During business school, I interned for one of the big beauty companies. I tested so many products on my skin that I gave myself acute dermatitis. My entire face was bleeding, blistering and scaling including my lips and eyelids. I was on steroids and antibiotics, but my skin would react to everything I came in contact with. My doctors said it would never return to normal. At the same time, I became disillusioned with my corporate work. I woke up one day and decided I wanted to find a simpler, more authentic approach to life.

I began to travel, eventually finding myself in Kyoto. When I found the gold-leaf beating papers that would become the first piece in our collection, Tatcha was born. The papers, a sheet of 100% abaca leaf that were originally used to protect gold sheets, are one of the original beauty products, used to lift away excess oil without disturbing makeup or stealing moisture from the skin. I fell in love with them because they embodied everything I was looking for: natural and simple with high-quality ingredients, and imbued with history, authenticity and artistry. I sold my engagement ring, our furniture, our house, and anything else of value we owned to bring them back to the U.S.—if they resonated with people the way they had resonated with me, they would be the beginning of our skincare collection.

The people I met in Japan taught me an entirely new way to think about beauty. Aging is not something to be reversed, but to be celebrated—beauty is gained over time, not lost. To care for the skin is to care for one’s health, because skin is our body’s largest organ and reflects our stress, our diet and our environment. Instead of constantly going to battle with their skin, they consider it with gratitude for all the incredible work it does for us.

Their belief that beauty comes from a beautiful heart and a beautiful mind inspired “Beautiful Faces, Beautiful Futures”, our program for supporting girls education around the world in partnership with Room to Read, a leading nonprofit organization that works towards world change through children’s education. Every single Tatcha purchase helps fund education for an incredible girl around the world. We just passed the milestone of funding two million days of school—something all of us at Tatcha are humbled by.

When I traveled to Japan, I found myself healed in the truest sense of the word. The beautiful ingredients and timeless rituals I was introduced to calmed my skin; the kindness and mindfulness of the people nourished my soul. Creating Tatcha was my attempt to bring a small piece of Japan home with me — I often call it my love song to Kyoto.

Victoria Garrick

Victoria Garrick is a mental health and body-image advocate who’s mission is to inspire and coach young girls on their journeys to self-love and success. As a former Division I volleyball player at USC, Victoria won a PAC-12 championship, finished with the top five most digs in program history, and delivered a TED Talk on mental health in athletes. She’s partnered with Popsugar magazine, The Players’ Tribune, and USA Today College to speak about her experiences with body-image, social media, and mental health. She strives to empower young girls to follow their dreams and embrace who they are despite whatever comes their way.

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Marin Teen Girls Conference Details

Learn More About The Marin Teen Girls Conference

Marin Teen Girls Conference

Research has shown that many of Marin’s teen girls are struggling, in spite of our county’s many resources. We want you to know your own power! Grow, learn and share today in this fun informative event just for teen girls.

Marin Teen Girls Conference

Did you know that 59 % of 5th to 12th grade girls in one survey were dissatisfied with their body shape? You are beautiful just the way you are! Today we’ll provide you with effective tools to help you be successful as you navigate your teen years.

Marin Teen Girls Conference

Did you realize that by age 15, girls are twice as likely to become depressed than boys? Its time for young women to be empowered! The ultimate goal of the Marin Teen Girl Conference is to help create solutions for improving the lives of teen girls in Marin County. This conference gives you the tools, resources, ideas and support to empower the young women of our county.

Learn More about 2019 Workshops

And Exhibitors

WORKSHOPS (Click to Open)

  • Radical Self Love: Transforming your self-critic into the voice of your best
  • Career Panel: Police officer, politician, attorney, scientist and finance
  • Girls Empowerment Guide to Having Relationships that Don’t Have Labels
  • Mindful Teen: Using mindfulness to help deal with the daily stresses of a
    teenage girl
  • Hip Hop Empowers Girls
  • Beyond the Rainbow – Ask a Sexpert even beyond the Rainbow: Everyone has questions about sex and sexuality, but it can be difficult to find accurate, understandable information on these important topics. Ask in this safe space!
  • Taking Control of your Unique College Path: A Girl Power Guide
  • Love Your Nature/Teen Real Talk
  • Sexplanations: 10-12
  • Sexplanations: 8-10
  • Straight talk with the Law: Personal Safety, Street smarts & Partying
  • Financial Fitness for Savvy Teens
  • Expect Respect: A Conversation on Boundaries & Consent
  • Be the Best Version of Yourself through Vinyasa Yoga Flow
  • What is College Really Like
  • The Vaping Epidemic
  • Breaking out of Boxes: Gender Roles & Stereotypes
  • Vision Board: A Creative Journey

EXHIBITORS (Click to Open)

Thank You For Your Support

Thank you to all our workshop facilitators and exhibitors for their time and energy. All are volunteers and we appreciate them educating our emerging leaders.Thank you also to those who have sponsored and donated to our event:

  • Marin County Supervisors

  • Marin Women’s Commission

  • Vicky Tsai and Tatcha

  • Youth Poster Contest

  • Marin Women’s Political Action Committee

  • Prandi Property Management

  • Dana Pepp

  • Laurie Nardone

  • Sports Basement

  • Sports Basement

  • Navitas Organics

  • Marlo’s Bake Shop

  • 4 Imprint

  • Three Twins

  • Lululemon

  • Athleta

  • Red Dragon

  • Soul Cycle

Past Conferences

A look at our amazing key note speakers from our past conferences

Alysia Montaño

A six-time USA
outdoor champion


Ambassador Hamamoto

Diplomat and visionary


Alysia Montaño (née Johnson) (born April 23, 1986) is an American middle distance
runner. She is a six-time USA Outdoor champion 2007 (1:59.47), 2010 (1:59.87), 2011
(1:58.33); 2012 (1:59.08); 2013 (1:58.67); 2015 (1:59.15). She perhaps gained more notoriety
for the 2014 race that she did not win. In fact, she finished dead last in the field, running
2:32.13 while 8 months pregnant. She has represented the United States at numerous
international championships including the 2012 Olympics. She distinguishes herself by wearing
a flower in her hair while running, a personal affectation
she adopted to assert her femininity while training with men.
On the international level she has exhibited a bold, front running
style, challenging other runners to keep up with her.
At the 2012 Olympics, Montaño finished in fifth place. In November
2015, the World Anti-Doping Agency recommended two Russian
women who finished in first and third be given lifetime bans for
their doping violations at the Olympics. The International Olympic
Committee has not yet issued any disqualifications. If the IOC does
disqualify the two athletes and advances the other finishers,
Montaño could be awarded the bronze medal.

Pamela K. Hamamoto is an accomplished diplomat and visionary
leader with an impressive record in driving substantial progress on a wide
range of complex global issues. Most recently, she served as a Government
Fellow at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy, an international foundation
dedicated to fostering peace, security and stability. In August 2013, she was
appointed by President Barack Obama as Ambassador/Permanent
Representative and Chief of Mission to lead the U.S. Mission to the United
Nations (UN) and other International Organizations in Geneva, overseeing the
U.S.’s largest overseas multilateral operation until January 20, 2017.
Ambassador Hamamoto actively supported President Obama’s deep
commitment to multilateral diplomacy as a critical tool to achieving foreign
policy objectives by strengthening the U.S.’s engagement with the UN, more
than 100 International Organizations and Ambassadors from more than 150
countries who were based in Geneva.
In addition to coordinating strategy and policy positions with top
government officials, Ambassador Hamamoto engaged regularly with high-level
diplomats and experts from around the world in a wide variety of critical areas
including global health, humanitarian affairs, sustainable/economic
development, internet governance, information and communication
technologies (ICTs), human rights, peace and security, women’s empowerment,
climate change and environment, and UN reform. She oversaw a U.S. Mission
team consisting of three other U.S Ambassadors and approximately 250

diplomats and locally employed staff representing 15 different U.S.
government agencies.
Ambassador Hamamoto successfully leveraged International Geneva’s
unique multi-stakeholder platform by fostering practical solutions and
innovative opportunities for collaboration leading to tangible results and lasting
partnerships. In 2015, Ambassador Hamamoto co-founded International
Gender Champions (IGC) (www.genderchampions.com), a leadership network
uniting key decision-makers in Geneva committed to promoting gender
equality through specific actions and policy changes. In 2017, the network was
expanded with the launch of IGC chapters in New York, Vienna and Bonn-
Berlin, and further expansion to other multilateral hubs is underway. As of
October 2017, more than 200 Ambassadors, heads of UN and International
Organizations, and civil society and private sector leaders had signed on as
Gender Champions.
Ambassador Hamamoto began her career working as a civil engineer
in the clean energy sector developing computer models to analyze and
optimize hydroelectric operations in Northern California for PG&E. She then
worked in the telecommunications industry, providing strategic guidance to
GTE Hawaiian Tel regarding new products and new markets during a period of
rapid industry deregulation. Throughout the 1990s, Ambassador Hamamoto
worked as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch, where
she developed expertise across multiple sectors including media and
telecommunications, retail/consumer products, financial services,
environmental services and energy. She has also served as a valued trustee and
advisor to prominent educational institutions in California, and as co-chair of
President Obama’s National Finance Committee in Northern California.
In December 2015, the International Telecommunication Union and
UN Women honored Ambassador Hamamoto as a GEM-TECH Global Achiever
for her exceptional efforts to boost women’s empowerment through ICTs. In
November 2016, the U.S. Department of State nominated Ambassador
Hamamoto for the Sue M. Cobb Award for Exemplary Diplomatic Service. And
in March 2017, she was recognized by the United Nations Environment
Programme’s Gender and Environment Network for her visionary and inspiring
leadership during her tenure as head of the U.S. Mission in Geneva.
Ambassador Hamamoto received both undergraduate and graduate
degrees in Civil Engineering from Stanford University and an M.B.A. from the
UCLA Anderson School of Management with a focus on Finance and
Entrepreneurial Studies.

2019 Marin Teen Girl Conference

Brand new inspiration for 2019


The conference was a blast. I learned a lot about what’s available and I felt like I was also a good contributor. Thank you!

Daría Pineda, San Rafael High School

As young women we need to band together, the Marin Teen Girl Conference gives us power to do just that! Thank you!

Lisa Smith, Marin Catholic High School